Feels like working side by side again

Co-browse and work together in your favorite product tools with real-time cursors to make remote collaboration fast and interactive.
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Supercharge team Engagement

Empower your team to participate actively in product meetings

Berry works out-of-the-box on any websites, and turns your favorite product tools collaborative with real-time cursors. Stop taking turns to screen share. Stay in the flow, move freely, and just dive in.

Groom development tasks and triage issues

Bring your team along as you cycle through the PRD, support tickets, bug reports etc to update development tasks, and let everyone contribute actively. Leverage the real-time cursors and quick presenter switching to highlight details. Move faster at your next product task triage meeting.

Review Product Roadmap 

Review roadmap, update PRDs, and resolve comments live in Notion

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Sprint Planning & Retro

Show demos, reference tech specs in GDocs, and update tickets in Linear

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Prioritize Customer Issues

Jump between Zen desk and Jira to map customer issues with dev tasks

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Conduct market research and create product strategy decks

Co-browse through competitor’s website, TechCrunch headlines, and Linkedin pages to review the competitive landscape. Move between reference materials and your presentation slides seamlessly as you collaborate to create a winning pitch.

Discuss Product Strategy

Walk through strategy decks and dive deep to drive alignment

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Research Competitors

Review company websites, people profiles, and co-test competitive apps

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Design Presentations

Research content, select visuals, and create presentations together

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Review growth analytics and product metrics

Review and walk through how campaigns are performing across your channels and funnels.  Empower teammates to drive and drill down on data charts in real-time as you guide them to review ads analytics, track feature usage, and study customer feedback from surveys.

    Report Metrics & Set Goals

    Guide your team through metrics dashboards and align on KPIs

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    Analyze Landing Page Traffic

    Make analytics meetings more engaging by letting everyone drill down and explore

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    Review Email Campaigns

    Get feedback on email copy and discuss conversion rates

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    Getting Started

    Berry works with all your meeting tools.

    Just share a Berry link in your favorite meeting tool. Everyone who clicks on it will land on the doc or site you want to collaborate on.
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