Scale Customer Success and Onboarding with AI 

Our AI CSM onboards and trains customers on auto-pilot, reducing time to value and increasing account activation.
It’s a 10x hire to your team - at a fraction of the cost.
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Post-sales organizations can scale customer success without hiring more

Berry takes the white-glove onboarding experience and offering it at scale. Our AI CSM comes with superpowers to 10x the capacity of any human customer success managers:

Infinite Knowledge

It retains an unlimited memory of your entire product knowledge base and remains constantly updated - retraining only takes seconds, not days or weeks.

Human-like Thinking

It knows how to guide customers in problem discovery and change management, even when customers struggle to articulate their needs effectively.

Instant Strategy Adoption

Like a sponge, it absorbs any new CS strategy and implements it instantly. For example, it can pinpoint specific features to promote, driving adoption and enhancing retention.

Technical Expertise

It also excels as an engineer, providing support on code-related inquiries and complex logical reasoning.

Available 24/7

It never rests and serves as a reliable companion to every customer, offering assistance whenever they require it.

Co-pilot for CSM

Berry's AI CSM acts as a co-pilot to your human CSMs, assisting them in answering customer questions, creating success plans, and streamlining their workflow.