Work together on any website in real-time

Instantly share, co-browse and collaborate with your team on your favorite web apps with the Berry Chrome Extension.
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The secret weapon for running engaging and productive meetings

With Berry, you can navigate any web app together easily without leaving the browser. Say goodbye to screen share latency, verbal coordination, and messy document links in chat.

Get on the same page

Instantly share pages or tabs with your team and navigate together in real time. Get unstuck quickly and cowork smarter.

Command Attention

The ability to see what everyone is looking at in real-time makes your meetings more interactive and engaging.

Active participation

It's easy to switch who's driving the screen, allowing everyone to jump in and participate actively.

How it works

Berry works with all your meeting tools.

Just share a Berry link in your favorite meeting tool. Everyone who clicks on it will land on the doc or site you want to collaborate on.

Share and browse the web together seamlessly

Navigate the web together, share multiple links automatically, and use real-time cursors to point, circle, and highlight details.

Get on the same page fast with Berry:

  • Research competitors on Product Hunt
  • Look at code pointers on Github
  • Discuss sales leads on Linkedin

Guide others through multi-step workflows

Easily show your customers and teammates multi-step workflows across various web apps and sites. Let them interact with the content and drive the conversation at any time.

Make show and tell more effective with Berry:

  • User onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • New employee training
  • Reviewing analytics dashboards

Cowork and collaborate as if sitting side by side

Collaborate on a suite of web tools in real-time without the need to take turns to screen share. Quickly toggle presenters with no coordination and everyone can contribute simultaneously.

Move fast and work in parallel with Berry:

  • Groom development tasks
  • Work on Sales Presentation
  • Critique and update landing pages
  • Discuss PRDs and marketing briefs