Make customer onboarding
engaging and interactive

Reduce time to value for your new customers. Wow your customers and boost engagement during onboarding and training with interactive,
hands-on co-browsing sessions.
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Supercharge demo engagement

Impress your customers with elevated white glove onboarding

Transform onboarding and training into a fun and interactive experience with Berry's co-browsing. Take a step beyond show and tell, and let your customers experience the value firsthand in record time.

Guide and teach in customer’s browser

Eliminate the need for screen sharing, and show customers how your product works directly in their browser. Scroll and click on behalf of the customer as if you were sitting right next to them.

Observe where customers stumble

With real-time cursors, you can see where your customers struggle and jump in easily to highlight where to click by drawing on the screen.

Active participation increases retention of knowledge

Enhance customer understanding and increase feature adoption up to 30% with interactive demos using Berry. Increase knowledge retention by guiding customers through key features in real-time.

    Getting Started

    Berry works with all your meeting tools.

    Just share a Berry link in your favorite meeting tool. Everyone who clicks on it will land on the doc or site you want to collaborate on.
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